Would you Rather: Kitchen Remodel or Bathrooms Remodel

One of my favorite games to play on road trips as a kid (okay, okay, I still love it!) was “Would You Rather?” One person would throw out two sometimes outlandish options, and the other person would have to pick which one they'd rather do. ⁣

In that road-trippin' spirit of yesteryear, today we're playing “Would You Rather?: Home Remodeling Edition.” Your two options? A full kitchen remodel or a full bathroom remodel.⁣

Now for the fine print:⁣
No, you can’t do a small remodel on both.⁣
Yes, you have to pick one and only one (with no thought of remodeling the other for let’s say…five years?).⁣
Yes, your budget is unlimited. Consider each to be the kitchen or bath remodel of your dreams!⁣

Alright, what would YOU rather do — a kitchen or bath remodel? Share below!⁣

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