Why you should work with a buyers agent

Can you search for a home alone? Yep. SHOULD you search for a home alone? NO!⁣

A real estate agent's job is to help you find a home and represent your best interests in the transaction. This is what we do - we help people buy and sell homes every day!⁣

Here are 10 reasons why buyers should use an agent to purchase their home:⁣

You will see listings before they hit the market with a custom MLS search that comes directly to your email inbox.⁣
You will receive access to your agent’s network of other agents (and listings!)⁣
You can leave it to them to weed through the duds and only show you homes that fit your criteria.⁣
You will have a bullish friend in your corner during negotiations to ensure you get a home you adore at a price you feel good about.⁣
You will have someone to help with building codes and HOA restrictions should you want to renovate or remodel.⁣
You will have someone to help you wade through the home inspection and delicately request repairs from sellers.⁣
You won’t have to worry about the piles and piles of complex paperwork.⁣
You will be able to relax and trust your agent’s knowledge, local acumen, and integrity.⁣
You will have your agent’s experience and objective support when emotions run high.⁣
You will have an advocate watching out for and heading off any pitfalls that may stall your closing. ⁣

Need a few more reasons to use an agent when you buy? Reach out today and let’s talk. I’d love to find you a new home in 2022!⁣

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