Why You Should Never Waive Home Inspection

Between the pandemic and the red hot housing market, I see some buyers waiving the home inspection in an attempt to jump ahead of the competition. ⁣

Which begs the question: Is this ever a smart idea? No, nope, uh-uh, never, don’t even think about it, K? ⁣

Here’s why:⁣

You may think the home is in perfect shape, but some of the costliest problems are difficult to spot: leaks, termite damage, foundation issues, poor ventilation, faulty wiring, and drippy appliances. ⁣

A home inspection gives you the chance (before you sign on the dotted line) to have a professional inspector see if there are any problems that need to be addressed, replaced, or fixed.⁣

When it’s over, you’ll have an accurate assessment of what you’re walking into when you buy so you can avoid shelling out money say, for a new roof cause you didn’t know it was leaky.⁣

What was your experience like with your latest home inspection?⁣

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