Why you should Declutter (and how!)

Know you need to declutter but need a little extra motivation? These stats may do the trick:⁣

80% of the items people keep are never used.⁣
People spend one year of their lives (over 8,700 hours) looking for lost items.⁣
23% of adults admit to paying bills late because they lose them.⁣
25% of people with a 2-car garage couldn’t put a car in it because they use it to store other things.⁣
Decluttering eliminates up to 40% of housework in the average home.⁣

Convinced it’s time to give an afternoon to seriously decluttering? Here’s how: Choose a room (one that's hopefully free of holiday decor), examine every item, and sort each into one of three piles: keep, trash, and donate. Stay matter-of-fact and work hard to keep your emotions out of it. Remember, clutter isn't free! It's costing you time, money, and focus — get it back by decluttering this holiday season.

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