Why Do I Need An Agent To Sell My Home In Such A Hot Market?

If you’re sitting on the sidelines, but thinking about getting in the game, now is the time to sell! The market is hot, inventory is low, and buyers are dishing out top dollar.⁣

I've been asked a couple of times, "if the market is so hot right now, do I really need to hire an agent?"⁣

Here's the thing: You CAN sell your home without an agent. But, keep in mind that 90% of for sale by owners fail to sell their home without an agent. If you want maximum profit in minimum time, you need an agent. Statistics show an agent typically gets you 25% more on the sale completely covering agent commissions!⁣

Plus, your realtor will do the heavy lifting so selling will be easy-peasy! Here is a quick breakdown of who does what during the selling process:⁣

• Decide to sell. ←- YOUR JOB (although a realtor can certainly help!)⁣
• Select an agent. ←- YOUR JOB (but ask friends and family for references!)⁣
• Prepare your home. ←- YOU + YOUR AGENT TAG TEAM⁣
• Price your home for the market. ←- AGENT’S JOB TO ADVISE, TEAM DECISION⁣
• List your home for sale. ←- AGENT’S JOB⁣
• Market your property. ←- AGENT’S JOB⁣
• Schedule showings and follow up with buyers.←- AGENT’S JOB⁣
• Negotiate offers. ←- YOU + YOUR AGENT TAG TEAM⁣
• Schedule inspection and appraisal. ←- AGENT’S JOB⁣
• Closing and moving day. ←- YOU + YOUR AGENT TAG TEAM⁣

If you or someone you know is looking for a realtor who knows our area, feel free to send ‘em my way. I’d love to connect and help you or your friends sell THIS summer.

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