What property type is the best fit for you?

Wondering your property type persona? Wonder no more!⁣

SINGLE FAMILY: You’d like a yard, want plenty of square footage, don’t care to share walls or walks, and would love to see some serious appreciation.⁣
FARM or RANCH: “Give me a home where the buffalo roam,” you say. The further from Target and Starbucks the better. You’re looking for acreage, a rocking chair front porch, a barn out back, and plenty of space to park your truck (and maybe a tractor).⁣
CONDO or TOWNHOME: You’re ready to buy, but not ready for the upkeep or size of a single-family home. Plus, you’d love to live in a city center steps away from the lively urban activity, and you're a-okay with a hefty HOA so long as it covers landscaping and major repairs.⁣
WATERFRONT: Nothing less than the waterfront will do. Whether it's a lake, ocean, pond, or inlet, you just want the lap of water ringing in the background morning, noon, and night. No water in sight? It’s a definite no-go.⁣

Got more questions about which property (or neighborhood) fits your style? I’d love to help! DM me today.

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