What Is Your One MUST-HAVE For Your Next Home?

“If I've said it once, I've said it a 1000x!! My next house will have a:"⁣

– A walk-in master shower?⁣

– A basement for the big kids to put ALL THEIR TOYS?⁣

– An extra room for your latest crafting obsession?⁣

– A screened-in porch large enough to double as an outdoor living room?⁣

– A detached garage or apartment that down the road *could be* income-producing?⁣

– A laid-back HOA (or none at all) for all your critters, creepers, and crazy shenanigans?⁣

– A kitchen spacious enough to entertain ALL the folks you missed seeing so much last year?⁣

What is your one MUST-HAVE for your next home? Share below—and let me help you find it!

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