What Is A Net Sheet?

It’s one of my absolute favorite seller questions: “So...just how much money will I walk away with when all this is said and done?” ⁣

If you’re selling your home, no doubt you want to have a pretty darn good idea of how much money you’ll pocket in the end. ⁣

Enter the seller’s net sheet.⁣

A seller’s net sheet is a document (filled out by me) that carefully estimates how much cash you will receive once you subtract the expenses associated with selling your home. Expenses like: ⁣

Commissions for listing and buying agents⁣
Title document preparation fees⁣
Escrow fees⁣
Home warranty (both buyer and seller)⁣
Title policy⁣
Property survey⁣
Closing costs⁣

To be as accurate as possible, I’ll often ask sellers to provide info like their mortgage loan payoff or any monthly or annual HOA fees. ⁣

And of course, one of the most significant numbers included in a seller’s net sheet is the expected sale price of your home. The good thing about working with a qualified and knowledgeable agent is his or her ability to run a comparative market analysis report and price your home just right for the market conditions.⁣

Wanna chat about selling? Curious what your home is worth? I’m here! Send me a message and let’s connect.⁣

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