What does a “buyers agent” do?

Buying a home is more than scrolling through listings one day and moving in the next. It’s often a months-long process with dozens of steps along the way. ⁣

So what does a buyer need most to ensure a smooth and enjoyable journey? A qualified and experienced buyer’s agent.⁣
Here’s why. A buyer’s agent:⁣

- Provides guidance during pre-approval.⁣
- Tracks down listings (including foreclosures and FBSO) that meet your wish list.⁣
- Networks with other agents to find soon-to-market listings that may be just right.⁣
- Monitors market trends that affect any offers you make.⁣
- Negotiates contingencies, closing timeline, and final contract price.⁣
- Recommends home inspectors (and attends the home inspection on your behalf).⁣
- Mediates questions regarding repairs in the home inspection.⁣
- Communicates with the seller’s agent and your attorney all the way to closing.⁣

Want an expert and friend to join your team as you move towards homeownership? I’d love to be your buyer’s agent. DM me today!

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