What Agents do Behind the Scenes

No matter what day of the week (or time of day) works for you, I’m here for you. Consider it real estate on YOUR schedule. All it takes is one call or DM, and you’ll find me doing THIS behind the scenes for YOU: ⁣
Scouting out half a dozen properties to show you in person⁣
Checking in just to say hello and see how you’re feeling⁣
Scheduling your photographer and stage — and making final edits to get your listing descriptions just right⁣
Stopping by local open houses hosted by realtors⁣
Networking with other agents to find your dream home⁣
Creating marketing materials on multiple channels for your “coming soon” listing.⁣
Feverishly negotiating your multiple offers.⁣
Attending your home inspection, bugging the inspector, and taking LOTS of notes.⁣
Drafting and proofing documents for your closing.⁣
Shopping for your closing gift - my fave!⁣
If you need a realtor, I’d love to connect and hear your story. Don’t wait - DM me today!

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