Weekend At Home

The weekend is here and the whiny weekend party-poopers say you can only have 3 of the following to keep you company all weekend long:⁣

A trio of the best wine money can buy⁣
All you can eat chocolate⁣
Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and the like⁣
A page-turning book and ZERO interruptions for as long as you want⁣
A breezy outdoor concert with your favorite local band⁣
A family cookout 'round the pool⁣
Saturday brunch after sleeping in⁣
Kids that sleep until 10 am on BOTH Saturday and Sunday mornings (Didn't say this was real, now did I?)⁣
A balmy 75 with no humidity or chance of showers perfect for cycling, walking, running, gardening, or a trip to the dog park⁣
The freshest of ingredients for a 5-course dinner — delivered to your doorstep just waiting for you to try⁣

Which 3 do you choose? Share in the comments below!⁣

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