Candle wax on the couch? Kitchen sink clogged? Don’t panic if household mishaps threaten to steal your holiday cheer this December. Check out these DIY home hacks:⁣

Remove wax from the couch with ice cubes. (And from the carpet with a steam iron.)⁣
Unclog a stuck drain with coffee grounds mixed with dish soap and boiling water.⁣
Use a hairdryer to get crayon marks off the walls.⁣
Organize guest bathroom essentials with a silverware tray.⁣
Get pet fur off of furniture with a squeegee.⁣
Get your house smelling fresh by warming a cinnamon stick in water on the stove.⁣
Store messy wrapping paper in a garment bag in a closet.⁣
Got more ornaments to hang but no wire hooks in sight? Paper clips from your home office will do the trick. ⁣

And one more I couldn't resist: If you're feeling a tad overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle (and it happens to all of us!), smiling for sixty seconds will immediately improve your mood. I dare you to give it a try! Happy holidays, friends.⁣

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