Truth bomb: Your agent may not be showing you all of the listings available!

Next to experience, trust is key when hiring an agent. And while you can’t always know upfront who you can trust and who you can't, referrals from family and friends go a long way in discerning who’s guided by principle and not just a paycheck.⁣

That said, I want to give you a heads up about a practice that’s gained traction in recent years as more and more brokerages offer flat fees to list and sell. It’s called, “sell to the commission.”⁣

“Sell to the commission” is when agents, less than thrilled with a listing's flat-rate commission structure, decide simply not to show those homes to buyers. What it means for you as a buyer is you’re not seeing ALL the homes that fit your criteria. As a seller, it means your home isn't getting all the exposure it deserves. Either way, it's a flat-out shady practice. ⁣

Linking up with an agent that you trust has your best interest at heart is the surest way to sidestep pitfalls like this one when buying or selling. If you’re looking for an agent like that, I’d love to talk. Send me a message or ask me for referrals today!

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