Tip: When buying, ask yourself these 6 questions

Tip: When buying, ask yourself these 6 subjective, but critical questions:⁣

Why is now the right time to purchase a home?⁣
Where do I want to be in life three years from today?⁣
What do my friends, family, and those who know me best think about me buying a home?⁣
Can I articulate my wants vs. needs?⁣
Do I have a pattern of making emotional decisions? Could this possibly be one?⁣
Do I trust the people I’ve hired to help me in this process?⁣

I love helping client-friends buy a home — but only when they're 100% ready and have done the “heart” work of knowing NOW is the right time.⁣

Is that you? Are you ready to put down roots and call a place your very own? DM me and let’s connect. I’d love to chat.

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