Things you can Ask your Agent

I get lots of questions from buyers. Things like:⁣
Can you show me this house?⁣
Can you ask the listing agent for the age of the roof?⁣
How much would my home sell for?⁣
Can you find out why the homeowners are selling?⁣
How much are the property and utility bills for this home?⁣

But my favorites are questions like these:⁣
Can I bring my *dog, cat, iguana, cousin, former high school teacher* with me to the showing?⁣
Who is Jack and who is Jill?⁣
Does the *carpet, deck, cabinets* come with the house?⁣
Can you find out what the neighbors are like?⁣
Any chance this house is haunted?⁣

The truth is there really is no such thing as a stupid question—if it pops into your head, I’ll do whatever it takes to answer and put you at ease. Go on, bold buyers, ask away!

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