The Science Of Buying And Selling

Knowing how to sell a home quickly—and for top dollar—is an art, but don’t think there’s not a whole lotta science mixed in! ⁣

Grab a seat and let's get started with today's science lesson. Check out these data-backed stats and facts:⁣

80% of buyers know if they want a home within a matter of seconds. Translation: Spice up your entryway but keep your foyer clean and clear of clutter.⁣
One study shows 32% of shoppers stayed in stores with simple smells longer than stores with complex smells. Translation: Stop it already with all the air fresheners. Instead, choose one “soft” fragrance to fill your home before a showing. Think citrus or cinnamon.⁣
Buyers don’t like 9s at the end of a home price—looks like you’re trying too hard to make a deal. Nix the nines, BUT…⁣
Buyers don’t like round numbers either. A round number with lots of zeros comes off fabricated and cookie cutter. Specific numbers show you know exactly what your home is worth. Instead of $300,000. Try $298,895.⁣
Buyers love a staged home. A study by the Real Estate Staging Association looked at 63 homes on the market for 143 days. After staging, they sold within 40 days. Translation: Whether large scale or small, staging is always the right move.⁣

The buying and selling process is full of emotions, but you can also break it down to a science. If you’d like more info on how you can improve the chances of selling your home in our town, I’d love to help.

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