The Perks Of Owning Versus Renting

Owning a home has its perks: predictable payments, tax deductions, growing equity, long-term investing…BUT there are other satisfying things you can do when you own a home that you can never do when renting. ⁣

Things like:⁣
• Go paint crazy!⁣
• Let your green thumb grow wild.⁣
• Renovate, renovate, renovate!⁣
• Add furry friends to your fam without fussy fees.⁣

The bottom line is this: When you own a home, you’re FREE to create your dream home inside and outside, top to bottom! ⁣

A blurb about your current market: The market has been crazy, but we're starting to see more inventory as we approach summer. Send me a message and I'll help you form a plan to get out of the rental race and into homeownership!⁣

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