The New Construction Process Explained

A new neighborhood caught your eye. ⁣

It’s in the right school district, has plenty of green space for your furry friends, and the zero-entry pool is calling your name (even in February!). There’s just one catch in your spirit. You’re unsure about building. I mean, isn’t the process long, complicated, and fraught with financial headaches?⁣

Good news, budding builders! The process is waaay simpler than it used to be especially in a planned community. ⁣

Generally, the new construction will follow these five steps:⁣

Choose a lot.⁣
Select a floor plan.⁣
Pick the upgrades.⁣
Sign the contract.⁣
Watch your home come to life!⁣

Whether you’re thinking of building or buying new, let me guide you through these decisions and more. (And yes, even with new construction, you need an agent!). DM me, and let’s get to plannin'!

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