The first 3 steps to getting a mortgage pre-approval

So, you're ready to buy a home? If you've been following along for a while, you already know the first step: Getting pre-approved for a mortgage. ⁣
Your pre-approval will tell you what you can afford and what your monthly payment will be, so it's important to determine this before you start searching for your new home. ⁣
Pre-approval is good for about 30-90 days, so once you're ready, take these first 3 steps to get it done. (Don't forget to bookmark this post for later!)
1. DM me, and I’ll send over a list of lenders I know and trust.
2. Look over the list, check out online reviews, and ask friends and family for referrals.
3. Email 2-3 lenders you like or let me introduce you over email.
1. Identification (Driver’s license, social security card, passport, etc.)
2. Income verification (W-2s, pay stubs, tax returns, bank statements, etc.)
3. Debt records (auto loans, student loans, credit card statements, tax liens, etc.)
4. Proof of assets (bank statements, retirement and/or brokerage accounts, etc.)
5. Other documents (rent history, court orders, etc.)

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