The Do's and Don'ts Of A Good Real Estate Agent

Wondering how to track down a 5-star agent (and not one star less) to help you buy or sell your home? Here's what you need to know.⁣

5-star agents:⁣
⁣DO listen to your needs and desires.⁣
DO offer guidance BUT give you all the space and freedom you need to make final decisions.⁣
DO stay on top of market trends that may affect their clients.⁣
DO know the art of fading into the background when clients need privacy.⁣
DON’T make it hard to get in touch.⁣
DON’T pressure you to make a decision when you’re not quite ready.⁣
DON’T treat you like “just another client.”⁣
DON’T make you feel like you’re an inconvenience or bother.⁣

There’s more to being a top-tier realtor than just dollars and sense. If you'd like an easy and enjoyable buying and selling experience, find a realtor you trust—and may in the end even choose to be friends with. ⁣

If you’re looking for real estate guidance this summer, I’d love to chat. If I can’t help you, I’d love to help you find someone who can. ⁣

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