THE BROKE AGENT: Communication is Key

There’s one key I always hold in my pocket, and after hundreds (maybe even thousands) of real estate transactions, I’d bet my life it’s the key to your success as a seller and my success as your agent. ⁣

What is this key, you ask? Communication.⁣

Sure the listing photos, pricing strategy, room staging, and MLS description are paramount, but none of those matter much if communication is nowhere to be found:⁣

If you have a question but don’t feel comfortable asking, I haven’t done my job.⁣
If there’s a detail you don’t understand, and I’m not answering your phone call, I haven’t done my job.⁣
If you feel lost or confused as to what is happening next, I haven’t done my job⁣
If you feel pressure from me (even in my nonverbals) to make a decision before you're ready, I haven’t done my job.⁣
If at the end of it all, you aren’t 100% satisfied with my services to you, I haven’t done my job. ⁣

If we partner together to sell your home (and I hope we do), you can be sure you’ll get ALL my real estate experience. But you can also be sure you’ll get the key I always have with me — clear communication that’s frequent, proactive, and valuable.

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