Staging Secrets

When selling your home, there are a few things you can do to put buyers at ease the minute they walk in the front door—which is exactly what you want to do. ⁣

So if you’re thinking of sticking a sign in the yard in 2022, keep these 4 staging tips in mind.⁣

Make a great first impression. No time or budget to do the entire house? Focus on the entryway and living room. Consider a statement chandelier, a cozy entryway, or a pop of color on the front door.⁣
Clarify each room's purpose by dividing large rooms into smaller seating areas. Have a space that’s no man’s land? Use furniture and household items you have on hand and give it a purpose (office, craft room, guest bedroom, etc.).⁣
Consider the scale, texture, and tone of each room. Everything should “fit” and be visually appealing. Translation? Get rid of any unnecessary furniture that's cluttering up the room.⁣
Give attention to your great outdoors. Curb appeal — it's a thing. Buyers will love seeing new landscaping, clean walkways, and bright lighting.⁣

You don't have to be a staging expert to get your home looking like it was styled by one! Have questions or want to chat more? Send me a DM!⁣

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