Sprucing Up The Front Porch

Whether you have an expansive wrap-around or a simple front stoop, your front porch welcomes guests (and the UPS guy), frames your entry, and sets the overall vibe of your home. Use these tips to give your front porch a refresh this spring.⁣

1. If your porch is small, consider a brightly-painted door, new house numbers, a modern door knocker, and a seasonal wreath.⁣
2. For larger areas create a comfortable sitting area. Choose loveseats and chairs in outdoor fabrics that won't fade in the sun and will make your porch feel like an extension of the house.⁣
3. Fill a planter (or two) with flowers and place them on the steps leading up to the porch.⁣
4. Soften up any outdoor seating with throw pillows. Find seasonal ones that don’t cost an arm and a leg. Then, if you need to toss them after a few months it won’t be a big loss.⁣
5. Swap out small, subdued porch lights for ones that make a statement all the way from the street.⁣

And...don’t forget to keep your porch clean! It’s amazing what a little elbow grease can do for any space.⁣

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