Should You Wait To Buy?

Truth bomb: There’s no picture-perfect time to buy a house. ⁣

The best time is simply when it makes sense for you. ⁣

Yes, competition is fierce these days, but if your income is stable, if you have healthy savings, and if you’re ready to put down some roots, now may be the ideal time to snatch up your little corner of the world. ⁣

Of course, if you’re you’re working on paying down debt or building up your savings, sit tight and carry on. Experts say mortgage rates will stay low for the foreseeable future and that might give time for supply to rebound just a little. Plus, the last place you want to be is in over your head in an oversized mortgage.⁣

If you have questions about whether now is the time to buy, I’d love to chat. I’m here to listen and serve you whether you decide now's the time or not. Let’s meet up at your convenience!

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