Save Your Way To A Downpayment

Tired of renting and want to move towards buying? Then it’s time to start chippin’ away at what you’ll need for a down payment. Not sure how to get started? I’ve got a few thoughts….and I’m sharing them here: ⁣

Lace-up and hit the streets instead of the gym: Save $60 per month⁣
Slash your 4-5 days a week Starbucks runs down to just 1x per week: Save $120 per month⁣.

Buy store brand groceries: Save 25% on your monthly grocery budget⁣
Plan out meals each week instead of picking up takeout: Save $150 per month⁣
Trim that clothing budget (just a little!): Save $100 per month⁣

These ideas alone could save you almost $500 every month. In two years’ time, that’s $12,000! High-five! And when you keep the goal before you — owning your very own home — it’s even easier to stay motivated! ⁣

If you have questions about buying or selling (the process, down payments, what’s hot in our area, etc.), send me a DM. I’d love to answer your questions — no strings attached!

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