Red Flags when Searching for a Home

It's time to tour a handful of homes. YES!! Several already have a piece of your heart...after all, the price is right and the photos are stunning. ⁣

Hang on there, friend! ⁣

Before you go giving your whole heart away, keep an eye out for the following 10 signs of trouble as you check out homes in person.⁣

Visible cracks in the foundation cracks⁣
Damp or musty smell⁣
Water stains on ceilings⁣
Sloping floors⁣
Doors that won’t close⁣
Evidence of active insect colonies⁣
Strong air fresheners + fresh paint (Hmm…)⁣
Lots of homes for sale on the same street⁣
Standing water in the yard (front or back)⁣
Current owners haven’t lived there long⁣

Each of these by itself may not present a huge issue, but string a couple of them together, and you’ve got a good reason to press pause. ⁣

That’s why an experienced agent who knows what to look for is money when you’re house hunting. Looking for an agent like that? Send me a DM — I’d love to connect and help you find the right home for you!⁣

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