Pros & Cons of New Construction

Wondering if a new construction home is your next move? ⁣

To spare you the trouble here's a PRO/CON list so you can stop wondering and start knowing if floor plans and upgrades are in your future⁣

Pros of a New Construction:⁣
Customization to your precise needs and wants⁣
Fewer maintenance expenses (at least in the first few years)⁣
No need for renovations or repairs; truly "move-in ready"⁣
Extra warranties and financing incentives⁣
Energy-efficient and optimal wireless connectivity⁣
That "new home" smell⁣

Cons of a New Construction:⁣
Less room for price negotiations⁣
Not all builders are equal⁣
Upgrades aren't cheap⁣
Often lacking mature landscaping⁣
Lengthy timeline and potential delays⁣
Financing challenges⁣

For some, building a home has been the dream for years. For others, it's simply another option to consider. ⁣

If you'd like help talking through which one is right for you, I'd love to connect, show you some established and new construction neighborhoods, and see you get the assurance you need to move forward. DM me, and I'll be in touch.

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