My Top 10 Moving Tips

Ready for 10 moving hacks that’ll save you time, money, a little bit of sanity?⁣

1. Assemble a first-day basket with disposable plates, cups, and forks so you can eat without your dishes.⁣
2. Fill kitchen pots with spices and other small kitchen items.⁣
3. Store the sharp end of knives inside potholders for safekeeping during transport.⁣
4. Slide stemware and glasses inside of clean socks for padding.⁣
5. Add plastic wrap around flatware in its organizer to keep everything together.⁣
6. Place hanging clothes directly into garbage bags (like they do at the dry cleaners).⁣
7. Remove dresser drawers and cover each with plastic wrap. (Then you don’t have to empty the drawers’ contents).⁣
8. Cover both sides of a mattress with a fitted sheet to keep it clean during the move.⁣
9. Tuck cords into empty toilet paper rolls and label them for easy use after you move.⁣
10. Pack books, photos, or other heavy items in wheeled suitcases for easy mobility.⁣

Moving makes for a long day (or more), but with a few expert tips and tricks it can be easy and SO exciting. If you're starting to think about a move of your own, I’d love to help! Send me a message today.⁣

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