My Favorite Strategies For The MLS Listing

While every agent knows the A-B-Cs and 1-2-3s of listing a home on the MLS, it takes a bit of know-how and strategy to make a listing stand out from the rest. ⁣

Wanna know a few strategies from my MLS playbook? Go on...take a peek!.⁣

Tell a story with words instead of the usual room and property descriptors. Don’t forget to highlight neighborhood amenities and surrounding parks, schools, and shops.⁣

The quality AND sequence of photos matter. Professional photos are non-negotiable. Additionally, the first photo should almost always be of the exterior followed by photos that take a potential buyer through a home. The last photo? An exterior shot of the rear of the house.⁣

More is more when it comes to details. Buyers are hungry for as much info as possible, so give it to them! Does a listing have a massive screened porch or family room? List the dimensions. Custom-built storage cabinets in the garage? Say so!⁣

Choosing a home is choosing a lifestyle. Sell with a realtor who knows this and knows how to fold it into every part of marketing your home—including on the MLS!⁣

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