Listing Expired, What Happens Next?

Did your listing expire? Wondering what happens next? ⁣

Good news — you’ve got options! ⁣

Remember, an expired listing is a listing that hasn’t sold by the end of the term stated in the contract with your agent (typically, six months). If this happens to your home, you have several options:⁣

Option 1: Stick with your current agent⁣
Option 2: Hire a new agent with a different firm⁣
Option 3: Decide not to sell at this time⁣

For options 1 and 2, your property will have to be relisted and a new listing created on the MLS. Be sure to talk openly with your agent and let him or her know how you’re feeling and what you’d like to do differently as you relist. Don't forget —your agent is there to serve YOU and should work hard to make the process easy and enjoyable!⁣

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