Is Selling 'NOW' A Good Time?

Waiting to sell your home until the spring flowers bloom, the schools let out, or you can finally get around to sprucing things up a bit? ⁣

Are you nodding YES? Then it’s time for a friendly, but urgent, course correction. ⁣

Listen up, friends NOW is the time to sell. There’s no reason to wait. In fact, waiting could mean less $$$ in your pocket at closing as more and more homes hit the MLS.⁣

In our area right now:⁣
Inventory is low⁣
Demand is strong.⁣
Buyers are looking for a home like yours.⁣

All of this means there’s no need to wait. If you’re planning to sell this calendar year, go ahead and list! My prediction is that it will sell quickly and for asking price, possibly above. ⁣

If you know someone who’s waiting to list their home, tell them NOW is the time. And if they have questions or need help, I'd be thrilled if you send ‘em my way!

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