Is Buying A Home Better Than Renting A Home?

Pondering if you should cease the lease and make time to buy? ⁣

While you may not think there's a lot of rhyme or reason to the rent vs. buy debate, nothing could be further from the truth. Here's how buying a home slays renting in July 2021: ⁣

• Rent tends to increase; a mortgage is predictable year after year (so long as you have a fixed rate). ⁣

• Owning is a stellar long-term investment.⁣

• Interest rates are way, WAY low. Translation? You'll get more house for your buck. ⁣

• You'll land some pretty sweet tax deductions.⁣

• You can put your personal touch on every square foot. ⁣

If you're even just a little bit curious about what it might take for you to stop renting and buy your own little piece of the world, I'd love to connect. Drop me a message and let's talk soon!⁣

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