Indulge in Farm-to-Table Feasts and Thrilling Adventures at Lake Norman's Latest Culinary Haven and Activity Oasis!

Experience the essence of farm-to-table dining and exhilarating outdoor escapades at the newly unveiled Lake Norman establishment. Nestled on a sprawling 64-acre property, the Bohemian Cattle Co., founded by Cameron and Sheila Cane, is set to take center stage on Island Point Road in Sherrills Ford. This captivating locale boasts an array of offerings:

A Culinary Delight: Within a grand barn-like setting, an expansive lunch-and-dinner venue awaits. Showcasing a penchant for barbecue, the Bohemian Cattle Co. executive chef and pit master, Colby Brownlee, hailing from Texas and California, declares their devotion to this flavorful art. The menu features a medley of barbecued delights, from central-Texas style brisket to Carolina-style pulled pork, and even Alabama-style chicken. Not to be missed are the succulent Duroc pork ribs, along with specialty items such as the tantalizing tri-tip barbecue, masterfully prepared on the Santa Maria-style grill. The grill, reminiscent of Argentina and California's ranch traditions, imparts a unique charm to the culinary creations. A symphony of wood flavors, including red oak, white oak, hickory, pecan, and cherry wood, dances within each dish. Marvel at the grandeur of the 1,300-gallon Texas-style offset pit smoker, a testament to the passion for perfection in barbecue. Seafood enthusiasts will revel in the masterful touch of executive sous chef Matt Pharr, elevating dishes like shrimp skewers, scallops, and even shark, particularly during Shark Week. The establishment also hosts a premium Black Angus beef butcher shop, featuring cuts that range from the classic rib eye to the tender Denver steak.

A Haven for Local Sourcing: The Bohemian Cattle Co. places a premium on locally sourced ingredients. The Black Angus cattle that graze the property contribute to the butcher shop offerings, creating a synergy with nearby farms and slaughterhouses. This dedication not only enhances the culinary experience but also nurtures the local agricultural community.

A Symphony of Activities: Beyond the culinary delights, the Bohemian Cattle Co. exudes an aura of adventure. The grounds offer an array of activities, including an 18-hole disc golf course, expansive fields for various sports, and a trove of kid-friendly endeavors like scavenger hunts and gold panning. The hidden Sasquatch cutouts within the woods beckon explorers to unveil their mysteries, offering a reward of a free appetizer for those who succeed. Corporate events find a haven within the 100-capacity Moonshiner Shack, equipped with multimedia facilities for impactful presentations.

Enthralling Community Engagements: The spirit of community thrives with events like the Haunted Woods experience in autumn. This captivating attraction promises special effects and an immersive journey through a cabin, affectionately dubbed the Moonshiner Shack.

A Retreat into Nature: The vision of Bohemian Cattle Co. extends to a planned campground, inviting visitors to connect intimately with nature while embracing the rustic charm of the surroundings.

Located just 35 miles northwest of uptown Charlotte, the entrance to this oasis mirrors its promise: a rustic Bohemian Cattle Co. sign, flanked by white fencing, beckons guests into a realm where flavors, activities, and camaraderie intertwine. General manager Jim Ragin aptly describes this destination as a hub for diverse adventurers, uniting individuals from various regions to partake in a multitude of captivating experiences.

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