How To Transform Your House Into A Home

You’ve got the keys, and your stuff is there, but your house doesn’t feel like home. Sound familiar? Let’s do something about that! ⁣

Every Tuesday this month, I’ll be sharing a tip to help you turn your house into a home. ⁣

Tip #1: Frame and hang photos of people, places, and things you love.⁣

I’ve seen it before — homeowners with a serious case of picture hanging paralysis. After all, hanging things on the walls feels so...well, permanent. But it’s one of the best — and easiest ways to make your home reflect your personality. ⁣

A few ideas:⁣

• Create a gallery wall with a variety of frame styles and sizes⁣
• Blow up a series of photos from a recent event or vacation (odd numbers of images works best)⁣
• Hang a handful of your child’s artwork in matching frames and mats⁣
• Display random photos in black and white for a cohesive look⁣
• Gather old family photos from as far back as you can to marry the old with the new⁣

Bonus tip: Choose timeless images — photographs that no matter how much time goes by, you know you'll want on display.⁣

Hesitate no longer — start transforming your house into a home today!⁣

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