How To Style Shelves

Floating, built-in, corner, freestanding, hanging, open — so many types of shelves each beautiful in their own way! ⁣

They pose just one head-scratching problem: What in the world to put on all of them that’ll look pulled-together while keeping them functional?⁣

Two everyday items that’ll never lead you astray? Woven baskets and plants.⁣

Baskets are a simple solution when you need more storage. Place identical ones on any shelf to house books, remotes, charging cords, and other small items. Large baskets on lower shelves are perfect for stowing away extra throw blankets and pillows.⁣

Houseplants also solve almost any shelving conundrum. A few ideas:⁣

• A potted succulent on top of a stack of books⁣
• A snake plant on a fireplace mantel pop resting alongside treasured books, objects, and artwork⁣
• A trailing ivy on a top shelf to soften hard lines and produce a cascading effect⁣

And here’s the good news — when decorating shelves, nothing is set in stone! Play around with different arrangements until you step back and think, “Yes! That’s it!”⁣

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