How To Decide What To Sell, Keep, Or Donate

Your house is on the market or better yet, under contract. Score! What that means {{besides YOU landing top dollar for your home}}, is it's time to play the "what to keep, what not to keep" game.⁣

But wait! ⁣

Before you feel in over your head, here are a few tips to help you ease into the oft-overwhelming task:⁣

1. Do you want to start fresh with new furnishings? Or do you know your current pieces will fit in your new home? Either way, keep in mind that lead times on furniture are WAY longer than normal right so it may be smart to take at least a handful basic pieces with you when you move.⁣

2. Keep what you love. That end table that's just okay, the chairs that are just meh, those throw pillows you've had for what feels like forever—it's time to let it all go! You have permission. Go on, be ruthless, and get rid of anything you don't love! ⁣

3. Sell anything that isn't serving you. Don't keep knick-knacks and furnishings around just because you d

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