How Does It Work And Should You Sell To One Of These Instant Offer Companies?

“We buy houses fast!” Surely you’ve seen the signs around town. But how does it work and should you sell to one of these instant offer companies? I’ve got the pros and cons you need to know — and it all comes down to money in your pocket.⁣


The biggest benefit of selling to one of these companies is convenience.⁣
Plus, an instant cash offer is predictable—no haggling, negotiating, or finger-biting.⁣
You can also choose your closing date which can be as early as a few business days.⁣


Yes, the convenience is nice, but that instant cash offer comes at a cost—to you. Their offer will always be below your home’s true market value. Translation? You’ll have less in your pocket when all is said and done.⁣
In fact, one report found that sellers who work with instant cash buyers typically net 11% less than if they would have sold their home using a real estate agent.⁣

Instead of taking a quick cash offer (and leaving piles of cash on the table), hire an agent who will look out for you, minimize the inconveniences of selling, and create a custom strategy to sell your home for top dollar. Looking for someone like that? I'd love to connect.⁣

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