Home organizing hacks

It’s true — clutter has a mind of its own. If you’re not careful, it’ll take over right under your watch. Keep it at bay with these 5 home org hacks.⁣

Use an over-the-door shoe organizer for cleaning and/or craft supplies.⁣
A kitchen utensil drawer insert also works in the bathroom to keep odds and ins inline⁣
Put cardboard toilet paper rolls to use as holders for extension cords, holiday lights, or that gaggle of phone chargers stuffed in your dresser drawer (yep..we’re on to you).⁣
Hang a section of wire shelving vertically in a closet to store rolls of wrapping paper neatly behind.⁣
Hair ties coming out the wazoo? Gather ‘em up and lock ’em on a carabiner (about a $1 at any hardware store). ⁣

Tried all the hacks and still need more space? I can help! Send me a DM with what you’re looking for (bed, bath, zip, and price), and I can set up a custom search with results that’ll drop right into your inbox. You’ve got nothing to lose - reach out today!⁣

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