Home Design Predictions

What trends in home design are you loving right now? Curious what’s ahead for 2022? Here’s what the folks over at House Beautiful say will be huge in the months ahead:⁣

Vintage, vintage, vintage: Not only is shopping vintage an efficient and sustainable option, but it also infuses a home with a little personality.⁣

The more natural, the better: Designers see a continued focus on natural, high-quality, and long-lasting materials, especially living rooms and bedrooms — an intentional choice to step away from "fast fashion."⁣

Back in black: Black accents and hardware are back for 2022. While light and neutral are king still for sofas, walls, furniture), black accents will be popping up to add contrast and depth.⁣

Lighting: Natural lighting, that is. Large windows, high ceilings, and minimal window coverings are top of mind this year. Not only do they look stunning they also provide abundant daylight which can relieve stress — and that never goes out of style.⁣

Marble: Designers say bold, heavy marbles are inching their way into the design world, and it looks like they’re planning on staying put for a very long time.⁣

Expert opinions aside, creating a home you love is what matters most. So whether you jump on all these trends — or not a single one — love the home you’re with!

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