First Steps After You Find A Home You Love

You’ve been checking the listings every day (okay, okay...multiple times a day), and you think you’ve found the one! The yard, the floor plan, the kitchen, the master bath...even the price is everything you’re looking for.⁣

Your heart is pounding and you’re sharing the listing with everyone in your close circle. They love it, too. Yesss!⁣ what? What do you do when a listing drops that checks every box on your wish list? ⁣

Don’t worry! I’ve got the answer:⁣

• Call your agent and ask for a showing as soon as possible. Don’t have an agent? Give me a shout!⁣

• Get paperwork-ready. After you call your agent, your next call should be to your bank or mortgage lender. Ask about getting pre-approved for a loan so you’ll be ready should you decide to make an offer.⁣

• Do your research. Your agent will help, but you can get a jumpstart by searching property records and databases—and by talking with friends or acquaintances who live nearby.⁣

In this market, minutes count so if you see something you love, don’t hesitate to request a showing. After you see the home in person you’ll have the info you need to confidently make an offer OR confidently pass and wait to see what hits the market later. ⁣

It is a fast-paced market, but there’s no need to feel rushed or pressured into anything before you’re 100% ready. ⁣

Looking for a realtor who can guide you each step of the way—send me a message. I’d love to connect.

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