Design tips: Staging your home yourself

Ready to sell but don’t want to hire a professional stager? I’ve got good news! You can absolutely stage your home yourself with these easy tips:⁣

Focus on curb appeal. First impressions matter so make this one count. Consider pressure washing, fresh paint on doors and shutters, replacing house numbers, and a new mailbox. And of course, clean out the flowerbeds, spread fresh mulch, and plant some seasonal flowers.⁣
Make sure your kitchen shines. Kitchens sell houses, so make yours stand out by clearing out the clutter and updating the hardware. And please, please, please, make sure it’s clean!⁣
Reduce furniture to a minimum. Too much or too big furniture will make your rooms look small and choppy. Arrange the furniture in a way that makes each room feel spacious, homey, and easy to navigate.⁣
Depersonalize your home. Remove all the family photos, keepsakes, refrigerator art, toys, and personal items in the bathroom. You want the buyer to easily envision themselves in your home — not you in your home.⁣
Think pleasant, but not overpowering smells. You could beautifully stage your home, but if a potential buyer is overwhelmed by a bad (or bad to them) smell, it’s over. The smell of clean is often enough, but if you’d like, consider a mildly-scented candle — and make sure you’ve taken out the trash! ⁣

Staging does not have to be difficult or expensive. Just think like a buyer! And if you’d like me to take a look at your home and offer up a few more suggestions, just reach out. I’m happy to help!⁣

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