Design tip: the power of three

Sorry, but whoever said, “Three’s a crowd," is just flat out wrong. Truth is, three’s almost always right, especially when it comes to designing and decorating your one-of-a-kind abode. So if you need a memorable motto to guide your next Target or Homegoods run, remember the Power of 3.⁣

The Power of 3 says that items arranged in odd numbers are most pleasing to our brains and senses. Put it to the test with these tips:⁣

Group pillows in threes on your couches, beds, or entryway bench.⁣
When selecting fabrics, choose three with distinct but complementary colors, textures, and patterns. Layer fabrics with similar colors.⁣
Place tabletop items of various sizes in groups of three and create gallery walls with an odd number of frames.⁣
When it comes to lighting, odd numbers always work best. For example, hang three pendant lights over a kitchen island or bar (five if the space allows).⁣

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