Decorating Tip: Kids Edition

Expecting a little one? Congrats!⁣

Got a little one growing faster than you can keep up? Hang in there, friend.⁣
Or maybe...both? Deep breaths. Breathe in...breathe out.⁣

If you’ve got pint-sized things on the brain and need some simple tips for decorating a kid’s room, this post is for you!⁣

1. Steer clear of themes: Pirates, princesses, race cars, and horses—while cute for a season, your child’s likes (and dislikes) are always changing. It’s best to avoid themes and instead, fold favorites like pirates and princesses in with prints, pillows, and other accessories that can be easily changed.⁣
2. Keep organization top-of-mind: There will be days when you just need somewhere to shove all the mess and toys. Trust me! Forget open shelves. Baskets with lids and pieces of furniture with doors and drawers are the way to go.⁣
3. Add elements that allow your child to express himself: Consider a chalkboard-painted wall, an oversized glass dry erase board, a magnet wall, or a corkboard for hanging “masterpieces.”⁣
4. Keep furniture functional: Choose items that will endure over time (no doubt, they’ll get lots of love) and be careful not to overcrowd the room.⁣

Just remember, less is more. You can always add or change, but start small, be thoughtful, and pretty soon you’ll have a cozy space you and your child will adore!⁣

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