Cyber Monday Gift Guide For New Homeowners

Got a “green” homeowner on your shopping list? Take advantage of Cyber Monday to score a housewarming gift they’ll love! To jump-start your search, here’s my personal list of gifts for new homeowners:⁣

A personalized welcome mat.⁣
A pizza baking stone (bonus if you give it with a pipin’ hot pizza!).⁣
A wifi password display sign.⁣
A wine caddy with a bottle of wine, of course!⁣
A “new home” holiday ornament.⁣
Gift cards to home improvement stores or local take-out spots.⁣
A luxury hand soap and lotion set.⁣
Personalized items with the happy homeowner's new address. Think stationery, address labels, a wall plaque, a zip code pillow (LOVE!), or an engraved cutting board.⁣
State or area-themed gifts — ideal for new-to-the-area friends.⁣

Ever received an unforgettable housewarming gift? Have a go-to gift for homeowners that’s a slam dunk every time? Share below!⁣

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