Curious About The Process Of Getting A Mortgage?

Getting a mortgage doesn’t haven’t be complicated or overwhelming so long as you know what to expect going in. ⁣

Here’s an overview of the entire process start to finish:⁣

1. Mortgage pre-approval: Just a bit of paperwork to show sellers you’re a serious buyer.⁣

2. Shop and make an offer: Work with an agent to make offer sellers can’t refuse!⁣

3. Loan application: Beef up what you started in the pre-approval process to get your loan ready for underwriting. ⁣

4. Loan processing: Sit back while loan processors review all info in your loan file and gather documents about the house for the underwriter.⁣

5. Underwriting: Underwriters are the key decision-makers in the whole process—the buck literally stops here. With everything reviewed, he or she will approve, reject, or come back and ask for additional documentation. ⁣

6. Closing: Once you’ve made it to closing, you’re in the home stretch. Documents are approved, and after a few signatures, the house is officially yours!⁣

If you’re ready to buy or know someone who is, don’t let getting a mortgage get you down. Reach out or send me a DM and let’s take walk through each step one by one!

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