Creating an Office you LOVE

Feeling like you’ve gotta go big or go home when creating a home office? ⁣

FACT CHECK: Your space doesn’t have to be extravagant or pricey to be perfect for you. ⁣

Design a space YOU love with these quick tips:⁣

• Set up shop overlooking your favorite view: the backyard, neighboring rooftops, or the bustling street. No matter where it is, choose a place with plenty of natural light and that keeps you connected to the outside world.⁣
• You need a desk, but it can be oh-so-simple. An entry table easily converts or move a table or desk from another part of your home to your new office spot.⁣
• Place accessories and necessities nearby: lip balm, wireless earbuds, tissues, and an emergency stash of almonds or dark chocolate.⁣
• Add some greenery. My favorites? Snake plants, African violets, cacti, and aloe vera.⁣
• Consider a white noise machine or phone app to drown out household happenings.⁣
• Top off your space with some framed prints, a funky rug, and a comfy office chair. ⁣

There are lots of perks to working from home — the short commute, the lunch “meetings” with people you love, and your soon-to-be practical and perfect home office.⁣

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