Creating An Elevated Dining Experience (in your backyard)

Can’t get enough of the balmy, outdoor, restaurant experience but your budget says “No more?” Recreate those restaurant vibes with these at-home outdoor dining tips:⁣

Set the mood: String up patio lights, light a few candles, put out a spray of flowers, set the table in advance, and get that playlist going.⁣

Think beyond the deck or patio: Got a breezy shady spot in the back but no dining table there? Don’t be afraid to move your seating temporarily for a cooler, more comfortable experience. Bring along your outdoor rug to define the new eating space.⁣

Put it all on the table: One of the best things about eating out (besides no dishes!) is not having to get up and down, up and down, up and down. Bring that home by setting everything out at once—silverware, plates, napkins, drinks, bread, appetizers, and salads.⁣

Outdoor dining in a relaxing setting is one of the dreamiest things about summer. Make it a regular part of your week with these at-home tips. Looking for a new home with a breathtaking backyard? Reach out—I’ve got several homes in mind right now!⁣

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