Cozy up this winter: Home Hacks

Cozy up this winter with these snuggly home hacks. (Warning: spontaneous hibernation may occur!)⁣

Select warm paint colors. A few faves? Benjamin Moore White Sand and Sherwin Williams Alabaster.⁣
Add wood pieces like a dresser or coffee table, wood shelving, or accessories like bowls, baskets, and trays.⁣
Choose something “organic“ for every room — think plants, flowers, fruits, or vegetables.⁣
Bring in seasonal comforts like textured pillows and chunky cable knit throws.⁣
Hang pictures at eye level to let your friends and family enjoy the photos and art that's special to you.⁣
Stash slippers by the door. Say sayonara to chilly feet!⁣

Every chance I get this winter, I’ll be cozied up in a quilt warming by the fire. Here’s hoping you’ll be doing the same!⁣

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