Considering Turning Your Home Into A Short-Term Rental?

So you’re kickin’ around the idea of renting your home on Airbnb or VRBO?⁣

Before packing your bag and dreaming of a stash of cash, here are a few questions to ask and things to consider. The more you know, the better!⁣

1. Will you need a special permit? Are there short-term occupancy rules or licensing requirements in your city?⁣

2. How will renting affect your property taxes or homeowners insurance?⁣

3. Which platform is best for your type of listing? Airbnb or some else?⁣

4. If listing your primary residence, do you have a reliable place to stay when renters book? Are you willing to take on the inconvenience of cleaning and packing up every time you get a booking?⁣

5. Can your cover initial costs (extra sheets, towels, first aid kit, smoke detectors, etc.) and ongoing costs (soap, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, etc.)?⁣

If you’ve done the research and are ready to generate some rental income, give me a call or send me a message. The short-term market is booming, and I’d love to help!⁣

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