Buyer FAQ: Should I consider resale value when buying?

Buyer FAQ: Should I consider resale value when buying? ⁣

Short answer = YES, a million times over, yes! When buying a home, selling may be the furthest thing from your mind. Still, you want your home to appeal to the largest number of buyers in the future…even if you think you’ll live there forever. To ensure resale value, consider these things in your next home search: ⁣

Location. Purchase a home that appeals to the largest number of future buyers. Think about convenience to shops, dining, schools, and other amenities. Consider surrounding noise and future development.⁣
Lot size. Pay attention to the front and back yard. If two homes are similar, the resale value will be higher for the one with more exterior space.⁣
Square footage. Size matters, but don’t buy the biggest house in a neighborhood. It is more advantageous to buy the smallest home in a nice neighborhood.⁣
Bed and bath count. If possible, you’ll want a home with at least one main bedroom and bathroom along with a laundry room on the main floor.⁣
Storage space. Consider linen and coat closets, along with walk-in closets. Also, look at the garage space, attic space, and basements. No matter when you sell down the road, buyers will always love loads of storage. ⁣

Ready to start your home search? Remember to have fun and keep resale value at the forefront of your mind! Need help with your search? DM me today!⁣

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